Hi, I’m Shannon

Typical creative-type, perfectionist, reformed procrastinator, and day-dreamer.
Mission: To eradicate boring communications in the corporate world!

As the Creative Director of Four One One Design, I am passionate about information design, and a stickler for balance and order. In addition to 10+ years of graphic design experience, I have experience in non-profit management, business administration and is also currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of a family of five.

I love to travel, watch movies, read, cook and EAT! I am inspired by people who embody ingenuity, creativity, and have talent beyond comprehension. Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Michelangelo to name a few.

History Of Four One One Design

The Short Version


Humble Beginnings

From internships to office manager to director of a statewide non-profit. Design was always a part of the job. Turns out, it helps to know both the business side and the design side of things.


The Future Starts Here

Design school - check! Completed degree in graphic design alleviating years of creative unrest and endless searching for the outlet that would tame the beast.


A Design Studio is Born

Originally under the name Korabelle Design Studio, this little studio baby helped many a small business find their identity. But the fire burned brighter with every informaton-based project we got.


Infographics Take the World By Storm

Yeah sure, there were infographics before 2013, but this is the year they exploded all over the media! From print to TV to social media. We jump in with both feet!


Four One One Is Launched

After a year of planning the new name is finally launched telling the world we are focused on information design. The future is bright and the sky is the limit!

Happy Clients

What People Are Saying

  • "Shannon is a dream to work with. She is creative, smart, provides excellent counsel and above all - she listens. It is an absolute pleasure to work with her."


  • "Shannon manages to take our technical jargon and data and turn it into something that is not only visual, but stunning. We were hooked after the first project!"


  • “There are two words that immediately come to mind when I think of Shannon and the product of our partnership: sustainable inspiration.”

    KRIS F. / Intelivate Consulting, Inc.

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